How loud is too loud

Do you know how loud is too loud?
Do you know NIHL(Noise induced hearing loss)?
What's the decibel exposure time guidelines?
Decibel Meter Pro will tell all the answers to you.

Useful, beautiful and lots of fun, Decibel Meter Pro is a must have app for your device! Simply launch the app and start reading the sound levels that surround you every day! Want to know just how loud this club is? Just how loud is this lecture anyhow? How good is the sound isolation in this room? Decibel Meter Pro can help you on these case! Download Decibel Meter Pro and measure the sounds around you right now!

Decibel Meter Pro also tells you decibel exposure time guidelines. It tells you how loud is too loud. It tells you what's Noise induced hearing loss and how to avoid it.

The iPhone's built in microphone is sensitive from 0 to approximately 110 decibels.
Why aren't you getting a 0 decibel reading in a quiet room? A decibel is an actual measurement of sound pressure and aside from a vacuum chamber or out in space 0 dB is not really possible to read. An average quiet room will be in the 40-50 dB range.

  • Feature list

    - Support iPad. Universal binary, download once and it runs on iPad, iPhone and iPod.
    - Support multiple languages: English, French, German, Italia, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and so on.
    - Measure the sound levels around you, with ease!
    - Display the Average, Peak and Max values with both nice and clear digital and analog layout
    - Easy to read interface with amazing graphics optimized for the new Retina display!
    - Start or stop Decibel Meter Pro any time. The last measurements are saved and displayed.
    - Plotted history of the Average values
    - Tap graph to switch color
    - Easy to pick graph color
    - Record and export the data to email for further analysis
    - Tap on Max to reset it any time
    - Warm guides about how to avoid Noise-induced hearing loss(NIHL)
    - Decibel exposure time guidelines tell you how loud is too loud
    - Decide whether or not you want your device to sleep while metering.
    - Adjustable sample rate.
    - Calibrate the measurements from -10dB to 10dB
    - Sound effects that can be turned on or off.
    - Reset settings to defaults